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BeyondTrust Password Safe unifies privileged password and privileged session management, providing secure discovery, management, auditing, and monitoring for any privileged credential, enabling complete control and accountability over privileged accounts.

Use Password Safe to get finely-tuned and automatic password management and privilege approval controls, detailed session management (including real-time monitoring), and all the audit trail information and forensics needed to meet compliance requirements.

Password Safe Administration

This course is designed for the security professional tasked with administering, monitoring, and reporting using Password Safe. During the course, administrators learn how to configure Password Safe. This course includes a hands-on lab with exercises for students to practice what they learn. This course is offered as a two-day on-site course, as a virtual course delivered over three days via five-hour increments, or via eLearning. Students who successfully complete this course are eligible to take the associated BeyondTrust Certification exam.

Available Training Types

  • eLearning
  • Shared Virtual
  • Private Virtual
  • Private On-site

Password Safe for Users

This course is ideal for training privileged users on the Web Portal and their day-to-day use of Password Safe. During the course, your privileged users will become knowledgeable in password rotation, session management, and navigating our BeyondInsight Web Portal.

Available Training Types

  • eLearning